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Here at Petite Amour Dog Kennel we specialize in raising Show and Companion quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkies, Teacup Yorkies and Havanese puppies. My puppies are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. We also Micro chipped and DNA all of our adult Dogs to insure that they are purebred dogs. I have been raising quality dogs for over 20 years. All our puppies are raised in my home and are very well socialized. We want our puppies to go to happy new homes. My puppies are Veterinarian examined and are up-to-date on shots to help assure that you are getting a healthy, happy puppy. All my puppies come with a one year written health guarantee. We feed our Yorkies, Cavalier King Charles and Havanese puppies Eukanuba small breed dry puppy food. We have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for sale, Yorkshire Terriers for sale, Yorkies for sale and Teacup Yorkies for sale. We do not sell any of our Cavaliers, Yorkies, and Havanese puppies to pet stores or brokers. Our mission is to raise healthy, happy, affectionate and correct in conformation Cavalier, Havanese, and Yorkie puppies. As always Quality not Quantity
The Yorkshire Terrier, Parti Yorkshire Terrier, Parti Yorkie, and Teacup Yorkie are very affectionate dogs and love to sit in your lap or go for walks. The breed standard for AKC is 4 to 7 lbs when full grown, but some can be smaller or larger. We try to stay with the AKC breed standard. We do get some Teacup Yorkies for time to time. The life span is 14 to 16 years. They have long silk hair that need to be brushed about every day, but most Yorkie owners that are not showing their dog will keep them in a puppy cut. They do not shed. The way you get Parti Yorkies is to breed a Parti gene carrier to another Parti gene carrier Yorkie or a Parti gene carrier Yorkshire Terriers to a full Parti Yorkie or a full Parti Yorkie to a full Parti. The white gene (Parti gene) has been around since the 1800’s when they were making the Yorkshire Terriers breed. To shorten the nose of the Yorkshire Terriers they bred them with a Maltese, this is where the white gene came from. The white gene has been passed down for Hundreds of years in Yorkshire Terriers, it never goes away. When you breed two Parti Yorkie gene carriers together you can get the Black/White and Tan Parti Yorkies.
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